A small selection of what we offer at Om Stavika

Welcome to OmYoga – movement and meditation in the wild and wonderful Stavika!

Welcome to the place where the ocean and the heavens meet! Here, in this awe inspiring part of Norway, we invite you on a journey into your inner landscape. A journey where we tread softly on the ground, inviting body and soul to open up and receive the gifts that surround us.

The wild and the wonderful, the powerful yet gentle presence of Mother Nature nurtures us and inspires us in everything we do; Yoga on the beach at low tide to lift your spirits. Gentle walks through the ever-changing landscape with all of the senses wide open. Mantras and meditation around the fire under a starry sky. Poems accompanied by the sounds of nature. Soulful conversations in the old hayloft in our barn.

This is just a selection of what you can experience here in Stavika, our home and our haven. Individuals or groups – we can create the perfect package for you. For all those unable to travel to us, we also offer outdoor classes and live events online. We look forward to sharing it all with you! Send us a message, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Bente, Eva Julia and Lisbeth
live and work together in Stavika

Rosen, the family dog and a teacher in so many ways.


Stavika is not just a home for the three of us and our animals. It is our haven, and we have been heart called to move here and co-create our own paradise.

Eva Julia grew up not far from here, in Molde. But her life journey – and yoga – brought her to India for many years. She also lived in Canada and USA, before she answered the call to move to Stavika. On the way, she has studied mantra singing, yoga, nutrition, and animal communication, managed her own health food shop and worked as a yoga teacher.

Lisbeth and Bente lived in Oslo up until January this year (2020). They too have made a long journey before coming to Stavika. Both had succesfull careers in the highly competitive advertising industry in Norway before LIFE called them to move on.

Lisbeth was drawn to learn more about the physical body, training both as a massage therapist and a yoga teacher. She also teaches yoga anatomy to yoga teachers.

Bente opened herself fully up to her spiritual side. Since 2011, she has shared countless channeled messages, both words and paintings, under the name Aisha North. Often, poems emerge during one of our sessions and is shared with the participants. She also gives classes in abstract water colour painting, and has trained as a Yoga Nidra teacher.

Together, we share the same vision: to live a life filled with creativity and love for Mother Nature and all of Her creatures, and to help others to deepen their connection both to themselves, and through that, to Mother Nature.

We call this class «Yoga on low tide to lift your spirit». What a blessing it is for us to offer these classes, both online and for a few lucky persons living nearby!

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Welcome to us, welcome to a truly magical part of the world – the Hustadvika area close to Molde on the west coast of Norway. This is a place of natural beauty steeped in history, and we want to make this available to ALL – no matter where you live. Our outdoors online classes will make you feel like you are embraced within this rugged, beautiful landscape. Wild and wonderful!